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  2. Shenhua Import and Export, the main products: special cable, instrumentation, plush toysTel:86-550-7855028,86-550-7855026
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      It is an industrial and trading enterprise integrating production, trade and import and export. Headquartered in Tianchang City, Anhui Province, the company mainly produces plush toys, plush slippers, environmental protection bags and other daily necessities...
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    Shenhua cable exports a number of cables to Iran


    Tianchang Shenhua Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. and Tianchang Shenhua Toy Factory is a br…...More+

    Product centerAn industrial and trading enterprise integrating production, trade and import and export. Mainly produces plush toys... MORE


    Shenhua Import and Export trade?Co., Ltd and shenhua toys co.,ltd.,?are speclized in export trade type enterprise. Headquartered in Anhui, Tianchang city, mainly the production of plush toys,non woven bags, hotel slipper?, stainless ball and other products. we have several factories,making?plush toys,eco bag,totel slipper and other products!?Anhui Shenhua import and Export Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Anhui Shenhua special cable Co., ltd..… More+
    Case Has been widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, water conservancy, paper, building, home and other industries MORE
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